Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Thing 17: Tres Delicieux!

Thing 17: Tres Delicieux!

Tagging and Bookmarking on Delicious

I have used sites that used tagging before, but I found the Delicious tutorial and website to be very interesting in that I will certainly use it in my future classroom, as it could be used to create pages about certain topics or lessons within a classroom subject.  Students can also work collaboratively to create such pages for projects and assignments. Tagging is becoming ever more prominent in social media and web pages, as it helps to more helpfully categorize material.  Variants of tagging exists on Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, and now Facebook. It would be useful for students to know how to use tagging in some other respect than just social media, and sites like Delicious can help students learn how to better organize, categorize, and seek information. 

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